Sim|Switch Pedals

Hydraulic pedals developed by ourselves, integrated into the Sim|Switch with a quick release system: The Sim|Switch Pedals.

In terms of quality, there is no compromise with the Sim|Switch Pedals. No die-cutting plate from overseas is used here! Following our philosophy to use only the best and to be independent from the world market, only "Made in Germany" came into question. The metal construction factory MUZ in the Eifel, very close to the Nordschleife, had already gained years of experience in the design and construction of simracing hardware and the hand production of high-end hydraulic pedals. These guys from the "green hell" were exactly the right ones to realize our vision!

With sim racers and "real" racers, we designed pedals that are as close as possible to real technology from the race car: GetCloserRacing! For real pedal feel, smooth and realistic, for maximum immersion.