Book an event in our RaceRoom at F3 Fahrzeug Forum Fiegenschuh at Dortmund Airport, or we come to you with our racing circus!High End Movement Simulators with VirtualReality for employee & customer events or your trade show appearance.We accelerate every event.GetCloserRacing - AcceleratEEsports!

One on One

Race 1 against 1, live on the track.
Qualification determines the pairings.
Exciting racing action broadcast live in the RaceRoom on our monitors and big screen TV.

TimeBattle - Race against the Clock

Fight together for the best time, faster is always possible! Through VR so realistic, as if you were really there!
(Best time possible as ghost car)

Classic Race

Drive a historic race car from the 60s or 70s, and experience the pure power of these horsepower monsters, completely without driving aids.
In the classic ambience surrounded by straw bales and oil barrels and a VW T1 Bulli as a race command post for the times and live image transmission.
Gentlemen, start your engines! Steve McQueen would have his fun.